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Pleiadi Kit

The complete system to solve the problem of good and health water in your house.




PLEIADI Revitalizer is a device that allows you to revitalize, ionize and magnetize the water to drink and with which you wash. It is made of noble materials such as silver, copper and brass as well as powerful Neodymium Iron Boron magnets. The silver used has antimicrobial power used for millennia for this purpose. (Also used for water conservation).

The Neodymium magnets reduce the possibility of aggregation of the mineral salts present and the “them” path of the PLEIADI is used to create turbulence in the water. Copper acts as a bacteriostatic surface; for example the silver used at the table, the cutlery, must contain copper.
Copper fights cellular oxidation by helping to neutralize free radicals.
PLEIADI does not eliminate mineral salts, it transforms them, making them assimilable as nourishment from the body


  • Activator and revitalizer for water to drink
  • Limestone removal BLOCK
  • 3 MAGNETES to facilitate the removal of limestone from the pipes of the house

» Easy to install
» No chemical filters
» CE conformity
» Easy maintenance