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You can mount the PLEIADI anti-limestone in just 30 seconds by ‘fastening it’ near the counter as shown. It requires no electrical connections, has a small footprint and requires no maintenance.






The opposing magnet device It acts directly on the water with a magnetic field of high intensity (NEODIMIO FERRO BORO) whose duration is a guarantee of efficiency over time.
The simple passage of water through this magnetic field transforms the calcium carbonate into aragonite, a product that unlike limestone, remains in suspension and is eliminated with the normal flow of water: therefore it does not settle on the surfaces avoiding incrustations.

BLOCK equipment is immediately applied in new and existing systems, thanks to their simplicity of installation do not require the cutting of pipes and the small size. They allow direct insertion on any pipeline, upstream of water use. These systems have their maximum effectiveness when inserted on copper, plastic, AISI and multilayer pipes.


Limestone is the aggregation of layers of minerals such as calcium and magnesium with which the water flowing in the stratum of the subsoil comes into contact.
These minerals vary from area to area so the limestone concentration varies. The limestone is mainly responsible for the deposits that are formed in the pipes where the water flows and we see it settle in the bottom of the pots after the evaporation of the heated water.

The phenomenon of incrustations is closely linked to the hardness of the waters, in fact the calcium-rich waters, due to the temperature, cause a progressive accumulation of calcium carbonates that are deposited on the contact surfaces.

PLEIADI anti-scale magnetic is the solution
The PLEIADI anti-scale magnetic is a very effective solution to the problem of limestone, is able to eliminate it from the pipes of the house through a physical magnetic process.

PLEIADI features anti-scale magnetic and benefits

  • It does not use chemical additives
  • Lighter water on the palate
  • Savings in annual heating about 25%
  • Prevents the formation of calcareous encrustations (protects boiler, boiler, dishwashers, washing machines, iron, etc ..)
  • It favors the gradual dissolution of already existing incrustations
  • It does not change the chemical nature of water
  • No more stains on showers, sinks and faucets
  • Independent of any form of energy
  • Minimal encumbrance and immediate installation
  • Zero maintenance